phoebe jones 

Originating in the red dirt and growing up in South Western Australia, Phoebe comes from a country upbringing where the life outside strongly encouraged movement, horse riding and sport. This invoked early on a strong link between movement and wellbeing.

Yoga came later, but provided the missing link between movement, wellness and a strong philosophy for living.

Now in a return back to the red dirt, Phoebe is based in The Pilbara, Western Australia where she can practice, study and read inbetween traveling to teach students in Perth, Sydney and via online courses and mentorships.

Originally trained in Byron Bay with many other experiences with other great teachers from all over the world, Phoebe has come to follow the lineage of Krishnamacharya, vinyasa yoga and more recently the ancient philosophies of Tantra. This depth in study has allowed for an ability to hold space for the more subtle elements of the practice, to become quieter so the student is able to listen and to tap into something much deeper within themselves.

Phoebe teaches yoga to the body and through the breath, for the mind, in order to touch the soul.



Phoebe thanks many luminaries for her studies, learning and growth in teaching and in life.

The biggest influences to mention a few being Yogaworx, Edda Pinelli, Stuart Watkins, Lara Dwyer, Dana Trixie Flynn, Janet Stone, Les Leventhal and Rod Stryker.

From afar thanks to online platform, Elena Brower, Felicia Tomasko and Tara Judelle.