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a nostalgia for being 

 "Man remains a mystery to himself. He has a nostalgia for Being, a longing for duration, for permanence, for absoluteness—a longing to be. Yet everything that constitutes his life is temporary, ephemeral, limited. He aspires to another order, another life, a world that is beyond him. He senses that he is meant to participate in it.

He searches for an idea, an inspiration, that could move him in this direction. It arises as a question: "Who am I—who am I in this world?" If this question becomes sufficiently alive, it could direct the course of his life. He cannot answer. He has nothing with which to answer—no knowledge of himself to face this question, no knowledge of his own. But he feels he must welcome it. He asks himself what he is. This is the first step on the way. He wants to open his eyes. He wants to wake up, to awaken." 

Jeanne de Salzmann

NAMASTE and welcome.

I found yoga in my early twenties and something about it stuck. It became a thread throughout my life as I discovered a new way to move my body, cultivating a sense of self awareness and self love. The philosophy slowly began to take hold at a much deeper level and continues to do so.

The teachings of yoga are continuously unravelling…a moment of revelation that feels huge and makes so much sense in one moment, widens and opens up a bigger picture down the track.  

Everything is connected and as I’m continuously discovering, theory is one tiny part. Living, feeling and healing to get beyond what we think is ‘normal’ and discovering the extraordinary in everything… well thats the magic.

First we feel it in the body. We move and increase our circulation then we breathe deeply and our breathe soothes the nervous system. As our body starts to clear, our mind slowly starts to see… what it is to FEEL so alive. Consciously or not, we are waking up and becoming more receptive to our surroundings and to our JOY.

Here are the musings and notes of my thousands of hours of practice, reading, writing, teachings and pondering.

OM NAMAH SHIVAYAH // I bow to my deepest heart

Love Phoebe

Photograph by Keeper Creative

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