sacred space


Space. Such an intrinsic part to our being here on this planet. The more I travel, teach, connect and live more consciously I begin understand the sacredness of this in all parts of our life and daily movements. I am a huge believer that we are entirely responsible for the meaning we add to everything. Washing the dishes could be a wonderful meditative moment. Our yoga space, whether it be in a studio or our home, garden or office is a space we do want to hold as particularly special and sacred.

Our job as teachers is to hold a safe space for our students. and the sacredness of a space, any space, is no exception. I often burn sage and incense, light candles, have offerings of fresh flowers or malas, I bless the room, my home or practice space, my kitchen, bedroom, anywhere. The most important ritual of all of this however, is my intention.


Sometimes these rituals give me the structure to bring together my intention and presence.

Often they are the process that allows for the light to clear the room and create a space for healing.

The process that allows all the parts and pieces of ourselves to arrive. Our intelligence, experience and attention to arrive into mindfulness and presence.

For people to walk in and feel warmth, encouragement and safety.

Sacred space for me is ultimately in nature. Whether it is being around the ocean, forrest, mountains or a single tree. We are so fortunate to live right on the ocean and its my morning walk, practice and meditation that keeps me connected to that sacredness of where we come from. For me, cultivating sacred space, at home and elsewhere is constantly reminding myself of this connection. To be always surrounded by elements of nature, whether it is the banana tree I sit in front of in the mornings in our tiny flat, the smoke of sage or palo santo at home or in a yoga space, fresh flowers or crystals, is enough to come back to the sacredness of our space on this planet.

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