Moving into the second week, the middle of December and the filling up of the waxing moon. From establishing our commitment, to now clarifying what it is we are working for in these daily practices.

As you may have relaxed into in the first week, these meditations, journaling questions and your sadhana in general, are for you to work your way around. Using the power of shakti, its important to not create rigidity - or think that you have to as you approach these practices. Just as shakti is woven and threaded through the richness and power of life, so is your practice.

Calling in the energy of Lakshmi to join Durga as we add the fullness of life to the courage it takes to eliminate anything that diminishes it.

Lakshmi is the shakti, that sustains life, brings beauty into the world and that allows the soul to fulfil its desires. In her characterisation she has four hands, representing these four desires;

Dharma, the desire to fully become who you were meant to be. It is the longing to achieve your highest state of well-being — in other words, to thrive and, in the process, to fulfill your unique purpose, your destiny.

Artha, the desire for the means (like money, security, health) to help you fulfill your dharma.

Kama, the longing for pleasure in any and all forms. The enjoyment of life, your senses and experience of your life.

And moksha, the desire to be free from the burdens of the world, even as you participate fully in it. Moksha is the longing to experience spirit, essence or the divine, to abide in lasting peace and to realise a state beyond the reach of the other three desires.

Allowing Lakshmi to be longing or yearning, the enjoyable part that takes us to the mat. Knowing she is adding to our experience of life.


From Sally Kempton

“Traditionally, there are certain Laksmi-esque behaviors. One of them is cleanliness and order, especially about money matters.  Budgeting, planning, keeping track of your money are ways of respecting Laksmi energy—some people even fold the bills in their wallets as an expression of care for Laksmi. You can also honor Laksmi by taking care of the environment and of material objects in your life.

Kindness and generosity express the Laksmi-spirit—not only material generosity (though philanthropic giving is one of the great ways we can ‘be’ Laksmi), but also generous sentiments and generosity of time and assistance.

Gratitude is a major Laksmi-attractor. So is a commitment to making the life around you beautiful, loving, and harmonious. Laksmi is all about giving, but she’s also about being open to receive. So looks for ways not to block abundance from your life.”

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 6.46.05 pm.png


Using the mantra (below) connect to your inner principle of abundance, wealth, beauty and grace - your Lakshmi. Ask yourself how does she manifest in your life? How would you like her to?

Looking at your relationship with beauty, wealth, and love.

Are there areas where you feel lacking? Do you feel undeserving or unlucky?

Make two lists.

On one, list the things you don’t want in your life, (perhaps “ugliness”, “lack of money”, “lack of time” would be on there). On the other, list the things you do want.

A continuous refining. Use these lists to link back to your sankalpa. Creating a practice of affirmative contemplation—practicing writing out more statements like “I’m enjoying a life of love, abundance, and beauty now”

Write them, repeat them as you move your body, or use your own technique that feels like you can imprint the affirmative contemplations in your thoughts .As you work with this, you’ll begin to shift your physical behavior around abundance. Attract Lakshmi by becoming Lakshmi.

Stream of Consciousness Writing - 3 mins non stop writing for each question

What are my 3 biggest challenges right now?

What action do I need to take to feel my intention in my body and in my thoughts?

What does my fulfilled self feel like?


Begin to connect to the bija mantra or seed sound of Lakshmi as it appears in the mantra we have been practicing.


Take the sound on its own and experiement with it - chanting like OM or repeating it out loud over and over until you can feel you can chant it silently. Let the silent chant become more than just the sound as you hear it, rather an internal resonance or vibration - a sense or a feeling.

Shrim offers us the bija - the sound that holds the seed of potential in the power of transformation. The vibration is deeply connected with lunar energy, with feminine energy and receptivity. Using this to offer some positive charge as we continue to release 2018 and pave the way into the new year.


Continue with the Durga offerings - her mantra and meditations - as you receive back from her the courage, strength and solar powered shakti, using what she wakes you up to, to keep building that commitment and strength..

However add in now that awareness of what you are working for. Sit a little longer and see where you’d like it to flow. Meditating on what abundance feels like for you and expand on that.

Om Aim Hrim Shrim Klim Chamundaye Vichche Swaha

(om aim hreem kleem chah-mun-dah-yey vich-ey swah-hah

A mantra for awakening, with particular focus on dissolving obstructions.