Calling on Durga as we enter into this phase of 40 Days of Clarity, Courage and Vision for the kind of fierceness that propels change.

Whenever we start something new, we often have this enthusiasm for it, this ‘newness’ in our lives and in our day. To carve out our attitudes and open minds along with our sadhana we call on the energy of Durga, the unfathomable one. The fierce, yet compassionate power that offers strength in breakthroughs.

This kind of shakti, or force of nature is the source of Kali (her most fierce aspect) and is ultimately the force we turn ourselves into when we open up our minds and release our forms in the first meditation we did for the new moon. (you are so welcome to go back and practice these meditations at any point if you feel like one needs more of your attention)

Durga energy is the force we will draw on, like a fierce mother, when we need to cut through our distractions, when we catch ourselves in our old habits and when we place blocks in front of our ability to open up the sense, feeling or vision for what it is we are cultivating in this sadhana.

What we do need to note that Durga energy in shadow is when we are harsh and critical on ourselves - we need to ensure we balance the fierceness with compassion.

Below is Durga’s mantra for this phase of our 40 Days, the journaling exercises and the meditations.

**Practices for this phase will be added here until we move into the next one

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What seeds do I want to water and what weeds am I ready to allow to die?

What is intruding on my ability to be in flow with the universe?

What aspects or qualities are blocking my path to my intention?

Finding Your Sankalpa

Set a timer for 4 mins and start writing. Write anything and everything that is going through your head - do not take your pen off the page - even if its 'blah blah blah' or a repetitive thought. ANYTHING. This is just a dump of your brain onto the page to clear some space for your intention.
As the timer goes off, don't even finish the word you're on - just put the pen down, turn the page over or move it out of your sight. You don't have to look at it again! Let it go.

Put the fresh page in front of you, close your eyes and sit for a few moments and take some time to tune in to your hearts deepest desire. It can be for this moment or for your life, for a particular scenario in your life or for this 40 day period. 
Write words down that come into your mind, you'll know if they are the right ones. Keep writing until you feel as if you can form a sentence in a present tense, positive format. 

This will be your Sankalpa

A promise from the heartor as Joseph Campbell calls it "A call to awakening".
Use this sentence/sutra/mantra/affirmation as a guiding thread for your 40 Days to keep you connected to what is is you are working toward.

If you find it difficult or nothing really resonated then use the centering meditation below or just the simple statement to yourself as you begin and finish your practice could be  "This is all I need to do to evolve"


Om Aim Hrim Shrim Klim Chamundaye Vichche Swaha

(om aim hreem kleem chah-mun-dah-yey vich-ey swah-hah

A mantra for awakening, with particular focus on dissolving obstructions.

Om - the sound of the universe, Aim - intuitive creativity bringing forth the manifest from the subtle, Hrim - leaping into that creative intuition, using it to create and sustain life, Shrim - harmony, beauty, prosperity and love, Klim - the mantra of divine desire, the erotic quality inside the universe, Chamunda - the strength to remove all obstacles and remember that love is beneath it all.

We chant this mantra to facilitate concentration of mind, to attain the courage and energy to look at all the aspects of our life - the good, the bad and the ugly. It brings a positivity into our perspective as we look at all of these things in the face of change.

Call in Durga and all her qualities, the divine feminine, asking that any obstacles to wisdom be removed, that beauty, harmony, the power to sustain life, be manifest even more deeply.


Ensure that you are ready to meditate, do some breath work or movement to centre, or perhaps your journaling to clear your head.

You can use the mantra beforehand - perhaps just repeating the mantra, chanting it or find a spotify track and just listen.