Trust + Establish

real change comes from tenderness


Whenever we start something new, we often have this enthusiasm for it, this ‘newness’ in our lives and in our day. Theres so often a ferocity and vigour to establishing our change that we go full throttle and run out of gas.

To start, means to manage that energy. To create change and make it sustainable. So we channel our fresh energy in tenderly establishing our new habits. Letting that positive energy begin to release and replace the old.

We will keep working at our Sankalpa for a few more days, letting it really settle in. Using the mudra below, the Sama Vritti breath and allowing things to find their place around you, as you create this space for tuning in to that highest intelligence at your fingertips.


Morning Pages

3 minutes or 3 pages - nonstop writing of whatever comes to your mind. Braindump and clear your mind of its congestion in order to make space for your listening.


What does my life feel like if my sankalpa was true right now?

What are my means for making my sankalpa true right now? (could be material possessions, money, job/living situations, training, study - let your mind go to every possibility)

What are the first steps I can take to have the means to make my sankalpa true in the next 10 days?


sankalpa mudra.jpg

Sankalpa Mudra

A hand or body gesture in meditation that seals and directs energy around the body a particular direction with a particular quality. Sankalpa mudra connects the right and left sides of the brain so the mind, spirit and body can work cooperatively to bring change.

In this mudra, the left arm crosses the midline (heart energy center) and rests palm open (receptive mode) on the right thigh. The right hand goes over the left with the right palm facing down in a grounding mode.

This is a gesture creating a quality of remembrance and resolve. Bring to your mind your sankalpa as a mantra and repeat aloud or silently.

If you are more movement oriented, I have found this to be incredibly potent.

Pranayama + Meditation

Use the practice above, continue on to your sama vritti pranayama. Beginning to add the pause in-between the inhale and exhale.

inhale 4 counts / hold in 4 counts / exhale 4 counts / hold out 4 counts