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June Sadhana

40 days of practice to cultivate with clarity, courage and intention...

Beginning from the New Moon June 3rd, join me for 40 days of transformation and renewal to build on our sankalpa, our intentions for our life at this point with purpose and sustainable energy.

Receive practices, guidance and support from wherever you are in the world through a 40 Day membership program that gives also offers you access to extra resources.

What is Sadhana? Read about it here.

Never done anything like this? This is for you! Designed for the yogi or the complete beginner.

Contact me here if you have any questions

Membership details coming soon.


Breath Is Life

Pranayama & Meditation Masterclass

Breath in many ancient traditions translates to ‘spirit’. Ancient yogis knew the path to supreme health and vitality was through the doorway of the breath.

A balanced yoga practice of breath, meditation and asana works to unite the body, mind and vital life force to create an inner sanctuary of resilience, well being, stability and clarity. In this workshop, we will explore how to cultivate, balance and expand Prana Shakti, the life force that animates the mind and body, using kriya, breathwork and meditation.

Come and experience how aligning the physical body can realign the energetic body and facilitate a more integrated flow of Prana Shakti which in turn affect all facets of life.

When: Saturday April 6 // 2:45pm-4:45pm

Where: Egg Of The Universe Rozelle

Pricing: $55 Nonmembers // $50 Members

Bookings Essential

This workshop is open to all levels of yoga experience, learning to work with the breath intelligently to alter the energetics of the mind and body can enhance the effect and experience of your yoga practice. Be prepared for very minimal gentle movement, to learn pranayama techniques and to sit in meditation.


Work with Me

Want to collaborate with me? 

Are you a fellow teacher, writer, healer, chef, DJ, musician, artist... anything! Or do you have some passion that could be brought together in a yoga class, workshop, retreat or a project? 

I love co-creating and have had many wonderful experiences with some wonderful talented people. Please get in touch here to float your ideas! 

Day retreats, workshops and weekends from Margaret River WA to Bali have all previously been a big part of Phoebe's offering. These events have all held expansive space for students to rejuvenate and find a much deeper connection to their practice.

Please get in touch here through the contact page to register your interest or to discuss private retreats and offerings. Join the mailing list to get the first offers on any upcoming events, retreats, workshops and more! 

Sunday Church 2015

Sunday Church 2015

Pressed Earth Autumn Campaign 2015

Pressed Earth Autumn Campaign 2015

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