for teachers who are continuously learning

There are so many times during my experience teaching, guiding and holding space where I have had enriching conversations with mentors that throw a refreshing perspective. In my experience, some individual attention and guidance will assist in your progression in your craft, a deeper connection to your students and a rewarding experience as a teacher. 

One on One Mentoring

One on one mentoring sessions are available by request as single appointments or in a block of sessions with a particular intention in mind. 

These sessions are beneficial for a new or experienced teacher, to spend some time refreshing your own practice, have someone to check in with on your development and growth as a continual student amongst your teaching.

They are also a suitable option for a yogi looking to take their studio practice to the next level. They are tailored to your situation, experience and areas you are interested to work on. 

how does it work?

All sessions are conducted via Skype or Zoom, so you can book a time (below) or contact Phoebe to arrange.

Before we have our session, we will establish any particular areas that you would like to focus on.

Phoebe will do any preparation required and your session will have plenty of time for you to ask questions, and for us to develop some strategies and approaches to the areas of your teaching you would like to work on.

You will receive follow up notes and any resources discussed.

Single sessions are $95 (book below)

4 Sessions are $360 (purchase here)

examples of the kind of assistance offered:

  • Where to start. A teaching Sankalpa.

  • Holding space in difficult situations

  • Creating effective yoga sequences that reflect your style of teaching

  • Hands on assists and how to get your hands on your students assists in the most effective way

  • Managing student injuries in class

  • What next? Defining your next move in refining your skills.

  • Finding your voice as teacher - Do you feel like you are comfortably sharing your teachings - in your own authentic voice?

  • Managing your personal practice

  • How are we artfully bringing in the deeper elements of yoga and its philosophy into your teaching?

  • Can your classes be intentional depending on your theme - using asana, breath and various techniques

  • Do feel as if you recognise where you shine? Knowing your unique blend of talents, gifts, wisdom, strengths, skills and creativity can cultivate so much inspiration for your teaching.