New Moon Expansions

A new moon teaches gradualness

and deliberation and how one gives birth to oneself slowly.

Patience with small details makes perfect a large work, like the universe. 

What nine months of attention does for an embryo,

forty early mornings will do for your gradually growing wholeness.

~ Rumi

Practices for Saturday/Sunday

Find some time, grab your notebook, settle in and start to use these meditations to get clear on what needs to be severed from any limited old ways of thinking.

Calling on the strength in us to look very clearly and discerningly at ourselves

Look at where we need to clean up our act. To begin opening up to our possibilities we use methods of release, clearing and purification.

This is especially helpful if you are entering this practice with out much clarity on what you do want (yet you know what you don’t!). These few days will be very much about respecting the death process. giving our attention openly to what is it that we need to release and clear.

So forget about what you want to bring in, and spend some time looking intuitively as well as practically at what is limiting you, or intruding on your ability to be in flow with life around you.

You might reflect on the year that’s been - look at missed opportunities, relationships that you feel wiser about, frustrations and insecurities. Without needing to look for it, just allow yourself to become aware.

This is our first practice.

From Ram Dass…

“The method of offering it to Kali, of purification is one method; meditation is a method, devotion and prayer are methods; Hatha yoga is a method; dance is a method; methods upon methods. However, the methods are an illusion. You use the illusion to get out of the illusion.

The game isn’t to end up a good meditator; the game is to end up free.
The game isn’t to end up a good Bbuddhist; the game is to end up Buddha.
The game isn’t to end up a good Christian; the game is to end up Christ.
The game isn’t to end up loving; the game is to end up being love.

You must ask for it all; demand it all, but be willing to sacrifice and surrender all.

Look around and see what methods you feel you need to use for what you’ve got to clean up your game. If your mind is agitated and you need to calm your mind down, look around for meditation techniques. Learn how to meditate and you’ll learn how to quiet the mind. If your heart is tight and closed, and you understand that the lubrication of going to God is the ocean of love, approach devotional yogas and techniques. If you feel that you don’t understand what’s been happening to you, study some philosophy and you’ll begin to understand what the game is all about. If you find that you’re tuning to spaces where huge amounts of energy are pouring through you, and your body is weak, get your diet straight and learn to sit tall so that energy can flow freely through you and you can become strong.