Bali August 2019


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Join Phoebe for an immersive experience of yoga in Ubud, Bali. If you are interested in deepening your practice and enhancing its effect on your life, no matter your experience, this is the retreat for you. You will get the opportunity to dive into your practice without the regular pressures and distractions of daily life, to nourish and restore your spirit. Head home more loving, more appreciative and aware.

Steeped in gratitude

I rejoice

spirit awakened

a life time changed

for I have dipped my soul in the ocean

of yoga  

~ Dena Kingsberg ~

To refresh and rejuvenate the spirit that can be infused into the every day.

When yoga is practiced with intention and heart, a certain quality of energy is cultivated and relationship with your essential self begins to open up and reconcile. Destructive physical, mental and emotional patterns are brought into the light and can begin to balance, shifting mind, body and energy into resonance and connection.

Join Phoebe in practices of asana and pranayama, self-reflection exercises, subtle body awareness, meditation and group discussions in order to focus your energy in generating the positive energy that fuels a love-based approach to life.

You'll spend 6 nights immersed and engaged in your practice. Whatever your starting point, your toolbox of practical and accessible approaches to living your yoga will be gathered and sharpened. Your innate radiant energy revealed as you master your energy, cultivate physical and emotional clarity and look closely at the sacred in every day living.

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SoulShine Oasis, Ubud, Bali

6 nights, 17 - 23 August

2 practices daily, inclusive of asana, pranayama, mantra, kriya, mudra, meditation and discussions.

The opportunity to physically cleanse, with 2 vegetarian meals included daily, Time to relax, reflect and swim

Sunrise hike to Mt Batur and a temple visit.

The option to receive additional treatments such as massage and other healing treatments will be available.


(subject to change)

Each day and practice will be different, will feel different and leave plenty of room for the natural oscillations of immersing in practice. However the rhythm and repetition, practicing at the same times over these days and the extra hours of time taken essential to work at and gently loosen the knots of tension and break us free of the stress that can embed in our tissues.

Day 1 - Arrival by 3pm // Welcome, opening circle and light practice 4:30pm // traditional Balinese Welcome Feast

Day 2 to 5 - Morning Practice 6am - 9am // Evening Practice 4pm - 7pm

Day 6 - Morning Practice 6am - 9am // Evening Practice 4pm - 6pm // traditional Balinese Farewell Feast

Day 7 - Morning Practice and Closing Circle 6am - 8am

Price and Accommodation

SoulShine has a selection of beautiful rooms to choose from whether you are travelling solo, as a couple or with a friend.

As you put down your deposit, it will ask you your preference of room and if you are traveling with someone. You will then receive confirmation of your booking and payment details for the remainder.

If you need any other information or if you would like to check availability, please email Phoebe at

The Soul Rooms

These are ashram inspired rooms with a designated private shower and bathroom located just outside the room.  Each room is air-conditioned with built in wardrobes and desks for two people. Perfect for sharing with a travel buddy or choose the king bed option for couples.

Double Occupancy (Price is per person)


Boutique Suites

These rooms have a small balcony and access to the Soulshine temple and gardens. The decor is a mix of custom carved tribal furniture and modern decor. On the console you'll find interesting reads, antique artifacts and a Marshall speaker waiting to play your favorite tunes. Enjoy a shower in the sunshine with the outdoor rain shower.

Double Occupancy (Price is per person)


Pool Suites

The intimate and tropical cozy pool room is your own luxurious hide way. A lush jungle garden is the first thing you see when waking up and the plunge pool is only a few steps away. Listen to your favorite tunes on a bluetooth Marshall speaker while having a sunny cooling rain shower. This is where your days will drift by in your personal paradise. A perfect room for a romantic escape or treat yourself and a friend.

Double Occupancy (Price is per person)


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