June Sadhana Membership

June Sadhana Membership


The new moon on June 3 brings us an opportunity to join together for a 40 day Sadhāna, (a daily practice) guided through a membership that includes audio meditations, journaling prompts and observations of the moon and the building of a practice. 40 Days to build, fortify and cultivate trust in our capacity to bring our intentions for 2019 into action.

Yes, join me up!

Phoebe runs the 40 Day Sadhana Membership several times a year, always with the New Moon to mark the beginning.

A daily practice can be incredibly powerful for fortifying a particular intention, goal, vision you may have for your life. Phoebe works from the ancient wisdom of Tantra which offers the philosophy that the body is your temple and your participation in life is your spiritual practice. The desires of the soul that we can build our life direction around include being in the highest state of wellbeing possible, having the means to do so, for pleasure and enjoyment and for the experience of essence or spirit.

The 40 Day Membership includes:

Dark Moon Preparation from 1 June // Guidance around how to set your intention for the 40 Days, how to choose your practice // Regular emails with guidance and observance of the moon cycles // Audio meditations // Journaling prompts // and more to be added soon

+ You don’t have to have done any meditation or yoga before

+ If you have 15 minutes a day you can do this

+ You can start with absolutely no clue of what your intention is or with a very clear goal in mind

Further questions? Email me at phoebe@toyoke.com.au