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attention without feeling, is only a report


Moving into the second week, continuing that building, waxing moon energy, establishing our commitment but also building our connection to our vision, our desires and the means we need to get there.

The first quarter moon (actually looks like a half in the sky) is when we meet up with the challenges and opportunities to remove blocks that impede our New Moon intentions.

This momentum, perhaps working in the most subtle and mysterious way is what impels us to become aware and then take action. The energetic availability of this reveal of what we need to draw from within ourselves gives us insight into what we need, the positive energy needed to break through blocks, patterns and obstacles.

If we can work with and build on this in the lead up to the full moon energy, we are able to make on-the-spot decisions about how to proceed and then do what needs to be done in order for your intentions to manifest.


Purushartha, is a word originating in the Vedas, opening up the possibilities in the context of yoga, that the soul comes into a life time with a purpose. Translating directly "for the purpose of the soul" refers to the breakdown of the four desires that are unique to each souls purpose. Offering us a map to start to uncover who it is we are really here to be.

During this phase of the sadhana, spend a little time reading over the purusharthas, descriptions below, take your time to clear your head then on a fresh page ask yourself the questions:

"Which one of the four desires, if it were to be fulfilled in the next 6 to 18 months, would best serve my highest purpose?"

Keep the mind out your answers, let the flow of information that comes through be organic and intuitive - EVEN if it is revealing all your blocks.

Dharma, the desire to fully become who you were meant to be. It is the longing to achieve your highest state of well-being — in other words, to thrive and, in the process, to fulfill your unique purpose, your destiny.

Artha, the desire for the means (like money, security, health) to help you fulfill your dharma.

Kama, the longing for pleasure in any and all forms. The enjoyment of life, your senses and experience of your life.

Moksha, the desire to be free from the burdens of the world, even as you participate fully in it. Moksha is the longing to experience spirit, essence or the divine, to abide in lasting peace and to realise a state beyond the reach of the other three desires.


Om Shreem Som Somaya Namah

Introducing the Moon Mantra to add to your sadhana. A mantra to work on our vibratory resonance with the moon, dropping us into the flow of the lunar cycle and allowing us to ride the continuous cycles of creation, sustenance and destruction. The Moon is a Sattvic planet, offering us the opportunity to continue to find balance amongst the waves and cycles of life. Representing responsiveness but also inertia so as we develop our lunar sensitivity, we can become resilient amongst pain, sorrow, or ignorance, as we accustom to a life of joy and truth.

Chant aloud or silently three times to open your practice, the supportive channels of creativity and restore balance in your flow with the moon.

Soma, also known as Chandra, is the Moon. Chandra symbolizes the Light of Devotion, as it nurtures life with the ebb and flow of its soothing cool rays.

Soma (Sanskrit: सोम, soma) is individualized consciousness as it manifests through the mind and emotions. It is the feeling nature that unites the body with the soul.

Our creative force is influenced by the Moon cycles. Amavasya (new moon) represents the moment of creation, when the sperm meets the egg. Purnima (full moon) is the fructification of that seed. The Moon’s tidal influence is also responsible for controlling the flow of water which provides growth and healing as well as the medicinal potency of plants and herbs

Practice #1

Continue with Sama Vritti Pranayama and the meditations from previous pages of you feel you need to continue cultivating equanimity in order for your sankalpa to grow.

The meditation below is a development from that balanced state, allowing you to connect to your inner wisdom.

Practice #2

Continue with Sama Vritti, for the build up to the full moon start to focus intently on the fullness of the inhale and the holding of the breath in. Whats it like to experience the quality of inhaling and being full?

Develop a breath where you can very intently watch and follow the sensations of the in breath and the retention of breath being suspended in fullness.

*audio coming soon

Practice #3

An additional meditation to link to these subtle but powerful forces of energy within you, through visualisation.