Trust + Release


We have so many natural responses that are a release. Either as a form of elimination or the unleashing of an idea, a seed of potential or new life out into the ether.

If we can expand the mind and connect via equanimity to that infinite inner ocean of potential, we can see that just the unfettering of a word in the right direction can step us closer to our hearts desire.

You are intelligence, intelligence, intelligence. Your names are memory, resolution, mind, and hymns of praise
— Abhinavagupta Saraswatistotra

We call on the energy of equanimity to release wisdom, integration and insight. To lock things together, allow us to conceptualise and connect with this refined perception of the workings of the universe around us.

Using our trust in the vision of our higher self to come in the forms that we may not normally recognise and use our practice to release the tension between its potential and its occurrence.


Looking for Insight

Decide on a topic and write without pausing or suppression of anything that comes to mind.

You may start with something general linked to your intention, like ‘what does a friendship mean?’ or ‘What does abundance feel like’ then perhaps hone in on more specifics like ‘What does it mean to be truthful’

Write until there is nothing left to come out.

Then look back over the mess of notes and go through, circling anything that may have some insight, wisdom or the kind of truths you are looking for. Extract them and start to form and sculpt a helpful sentence, paragraph or teaching for yourself, distinguishing the quieter voice of wisdom that is there amongst the noise.


Om Shreem Som Somaya Namaha

*The sanskrit sound namaha invokes a quality of reverence for the energy of the mantra. A word that reflects on the notion that ultimately none of this is ‘about me’, that the we are ultimately not in control of our life or the universe and that we know there is a larger consciousness that we are a part of. This is not to shaft our responsibilities, or lose touch of whats important. Its an anchoring in the flow of the moon, the larger solar system and universal laws.



Pushpaputa Mudra (handful of flowers) refers to the offering of flowers to a higher power.

To create the mudra, join both hands by bringing the little fingers together. The palms should be facing upwards and should be slightly hollow. 

Pushpaputa mudra symbolizes openness of mind and soul. The mudra is a gesture of offering with open heart and of acceptance. Practicing the mudra cultivates the qualities of receptivity, and acceptance with gratitude of what the universe, your buddhi (intelligence of the soul) has to offer.



Continue on with Sama Vritti, beginning to explore the retention of the breath at the end of the exhale. Start looking to how can the quality of the exhale bring me back to Sattva.

Give me the mental and energetic balance to enter into a place of ‘what is’, of reality, to open up to a place of non-resistance.

Meditation #1

Pick one area that is showing up as resistance - in the formation of your sankalpa or just resistance in general. This will be very transformational if it is an aspect of your life that you can’t change.

Sit with it, offer your mudra and in your sama vrti can your explore your relationship to that resistance. Is it a struggle, or are you creating tension by trying to ignore the fact that it exists?

As you gain awareness, harness the positive energy of your sankalpa from your core to face and dissolve these resistant thoughts.

Continue to breathe and bring your yourself as close as you can to a place of acceptance and release.

Meditation #2

As you establish your sama vritti and that state of equanimity, try asking yourself the questions below.

The challenge? Let your heart answer rather than your logical mind. Your answers may be abstract - in the form of bodily sensations that need some time for interpretation. Allow the soft subtle voice of your inner wisdom to come through.

Who Am I?

What do I want?

What Am I Grateful For?

How Can I Serve? (myself and others)