Trust the Dark Moon








Find yourself a place that can be your sadhana space over the next 40 days. It may just be a spot on the floor, a small alter you make for yourself or your favourite peaceful place. It may take a few days to let the spot become ‘home’ but for today make it a place where you can grab some paper or a journal and write.

Find 15 minutes, settle in and start to call on the energy of release to get clear on what needs to be severed from any limited old ways of thinking.

Calling on the strength in us to look very clearly and discerningly at ourselves

Look at where we need to clean up our act. To begin opening up to our possibilities we use methods of release, clearing and purification.

This is especially helpful if you are entering this practice with out much clarity on what you do want (yet you know what you don’t!). These few days will be very much about respecting the death process. giving our attention openly to what is it that we need to release and clear.

So forget about what you want to bring in, and spend some time looking intuitively as well as practically at what is limiting you, or intruding on your ability to be in flow with life around you.

You might reflect on the year that’s been - look at missed opportunities, relationships that you feel wiser about, frustrations and insecurities. Without needing to look for it, just allow yourself to become aware.

Sit and call in that fierce truthful part of yourself that is able to cut through your own BS. You can do it silently or chant under your breath - whatever works!

The repetition of the mantra to Kali will bring that strong energy in you that can dissolve ego and look for truth.

Om Kali Ma

Give yourself a few moments to sit quietly, then when you feel ready, time yourself for 4 minutes to write nonstop on this topic:

What are my intentions for this 40 day sadhana

Then stop, draw a line and set the timer for another 3 minutes to write on this topic:

WHAT do i need to trust

Then stop, draw a line and set the timer for another 3 minutes to write on this topic:

WHAT do i need to release/clear/end in order for me to trust and allow my intentions to come to life

Then stop, sit tall close your eyes and visualise those things being taken from you.

Imagine the pull of gravity and the hands of Kali pulling these things away from you, watching the feeling of lightness and clarity that fills the space she leaves.

Sit and breathe for as long as you can with that feeling.

You may like to follow it with some movement, a walk or something that allows you to enjoy the space you’ve cleared and start to let your awareness move to what may be possible when you aren’t run by the things you just released.