New Moon Visions



Below are your first areas for contemplation. Creating the Sankalpa or intention that will be the guiding you through this process. Using the positive charge of the new moon to remind you why you’ve opened up this channel for listening and to drive you towards the cultivation of trust that you need.

The new moon has offered civilisations for centuries a marker for the beginning of another cycle. The reason we have a month for the length we do and it is no surprise she is linked to many aspects of cultivation of food, the behavioural patterns of nature, the tide and of course the cycles of the female body. The moon is our link towards shakti, the movement and force of nature, teaching us that we are also in movement and we can use her to attune to our place in this moving, breathing, ever-changing and unfinished planet.

If you are coming into this practice with a strong intention, it may be worthwhile going through the meditation/journaling to strengthen and refine your energy around it, and if you are coming in without clarity around this then it is the perfect place to start.


A new moon teaches gradualness

and deliberation and how one gives birth to oneself slowly.

Patience with small details makes perfect a large work, like the universe. 

What nine months of attention does for an embryo,

forty early mornings will do for your gradually growing wholeness.

~ Rumi


Set a timer for 4 mins and start writing. Write anything and everything that is going through your head - do not take your pen off the page - even if its 'blah blah blah' or a repetitive thought. ANYTHING. This is just a dump of your brain onto the page to clear some space for your intention.
As the timer goes off, don't even finish the word you're on - just put the pen down, turn the page over or move it out of your sight. You don't have to look at it again! Let it go.

Whats Underneath
Put the fresh page in front of you, close your eyes and sit for a few moments and take some time to tune in to your hearts deepest desire. It can be for this moment or for your life, for a particular scenario in your life or for this 40 day period. 
Write words down that come into your mind, you'll know if they are the right ones. Keep writing until you feel as if you can form a sentence in a present tense, positive format. 

Use this sentence/sutra/mantra/affirmation as a guiding thread for your 40 Days to keep you connected to what is is you are working toward. Over these first few days you may do this a couple of times to firm up your sentence, but if you feel clear there is no need.

If you find it difficult or nothing really resonated then use the centering meditation below or just the simple statement to yourself as you begin and finish your practice could be  "This is all I need to do to evolve"


A promise from the heart or as Joseph Campbell calls it "A call to awakening".

Kalpa can be translated to “the rule to be followed above all other rules. and San refers to a connection with the highest truth.  This is a clear statement in present tense that creates a vibrational resonance, allowing you to bring forward what it is that you desire into a manifested state.

Energy Before Matter

Ultimately when we allow ourselves to get quiet and to listen from a deeper place, what we are forming are really the words that reflect our true nature.

For this meditation, keep a pen and paper nearby to write down anything that you formulate as soon as you come out of it.


The breath practice mentioned in the meditation is Sama Vritti Pranayama

Inhale for 4 counts // Exhale for 4 counts

A simple and very effective breath that you may like to use over the next few days to cultivate a balance in your energy, a more equanimous state to let the inspiration of the new moon come through.

You can practice it for a few minutes before your journaling or new moon meditation above or do just that on its own for your 10 to 15 minutes with your intention in mind.

This is the foundation of the practice we will build on for the 40 Days.

As is your desire, so is your will.
As is your will, so is your deed.
As is your deed,
so is your destiny
~ The Upanishads