Lets piece together the glitches between our experiences to this point and our understanding and knowledge of the process of awakening. As we come full circle we may be able to feel where discipline and effort have been highly beneficial to our process.

We call on the energy of wisdom, integration and insight to lock things together, which is often such a subtle aspect of our perception that it takes a lot of effort to make it to the infinite amount of wisdom we have access to.

The last aspect of our sadhana is to refine our understanding and hone our perception. This quality of energy that we can harness comes in the form/vibration/image/story of Saraswati, ‘the flowing one’. She is the force of nature that flows in the form of insight, sound and language. In an ancient story where the world was about to be destroyed by fire, Saraswati was the only deity that didn't panic. Rather took the form of a river, (the now long lost ancient river bed of the Saraswati River) and carried the fire to the bottom of the sea, where it still remains. This energy is the flow between our highest of universal consciousness to the dense material world we live in.

You are intelligence, intelligence, intelligence. Your names are memory, resolution, mind, and hymns of praise
— Abhinavagupta Saraswatistotra

Understanding and knowledge being the skill we develop to flow through our creative force between deep listening and manifestation in our physical world. Think of a musician who channels and transforms what they know inside of themselves into something played right in front of us, being able to articulate using words something that we felt very deeply as an esoteric awareness or feeling. This energy flows through us as we make an intention and then find all the creative ways to bring it into fruition.

Saraswati is associated with the flow of the tides and most aptly, the first quarter of the moon. As we explore this most subtle aspect of ourselves in the form of inner wisdom, the infusion of our thought with clarity and finding our true voice, we must allow the transformation to be in our listening.

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Looking for Insight

Decide on a topic and write without pausing or suppression of anything that comes to mind.

You may start with something general linked to your intention, like ‘what does a friendship mean?’ or ‘What does abundance feel like’ then perhaps hone in on more specifics like ‘What does it mean to be truthful’

Write until there is nothing left to come out.

Then look back over the mess of notes and go through, circling anything that may have some insight, wisdom or the kind of truths you are looking for. Extract them and start to form and sculpt a helpful sentence, paragraph or teaching for yourself, distinguishing the quieter voice of wisdom that is there amongst the noise.


Om Aim Hrim Saraswatyai Namaha

Om, I bow to the flowing one whose essence is wisdom


Sit with the Saraswati mantra for 15 mins. Chant aloud or silently, rolling the mantra over and over again for the practice of Japa Japa meditation.

Let the mantra take you into the place beyond thought, the quiet place where our wisdom and creativity arises. Where you aren’t even looking for ideas or answers. Just letting the mantra take you into a place of being.

After 15 minutes or so (use a timer if you need), you may want to sit quietly for a few moments then jot down any noticeable sensations, feelings or inspirations for the day that come along before you head into your day.

This recording is incredibly meditative to sit and chant along to or allow your attention to become absorbed in listening.

Find a question that concerns something very important in your life. It may not be deep or hugely profound, it may be something stirred in you from this 40 day practice.

Write the question down. Read through it a few times then close your eyes.

Chant the Saraswati mantra (above) through nine times

Contact Saraswati as the form of inspiration by feeling her as a presence, like a luminous white cloud. Ask your question inwardly, notice the feeling that arises as you do. Notice any thoughts that come up, including resistance to the process. Jot them down if they seem important or relevant.

Use the rhythm of your breath as an anchor, allowing the mind to relax and become quieter. Start to breathe as if you were breathing her presence in.

Each exhalation = an offering flowing towards that presence

Each inhalation = allow a subtle current of knowing to flow back toward you, entering your mind through your forehead.

Keep asking ‘is there more?’ until there is nothing left and you will feel your practice is complete.