Sadhana: 40 Days of Practice

a daily effort towards your soul’s desires


The 40 Day Sadhana Membership is an opportunity to join a community a few times a year with the intention of building the habit of reflection, contemplation and action in order to loosen the grips of habit and take stock of what’s making up our daily life.

Sadhana is a sanskrit word that describes disciplined and dedicated practice or learning. It is the process of mastering something in the realm of the spirit. Its very literal translation is ‘a means of accomplishing something’.

It is the concept that you are doing your practice in order to master the way your essence, or your best self, can communicate with your day. Meditation and the techniques of yoga are all there to give you some insight into the finer qualities in you, such as patterns in thinking and innate belief systems that manifest into daily life.

"What is sadhana? It’s a committed prayer. It is self-enrichment. It is not something which is done to please somebody or to gain something. Sadhana is a personal process in which you bring out your best."

- Yogi Bhajan

This 40 Sadhana Membership offers support and guidance through building the habit of practice and breaking the patterns that pull you away from continually opening and expanding awareness.

“Sadhana is not just in the temple and going through your rituals,it must transform you as an individual.” 

- Anupama Garg

It draws from the stages and qualities of the lunar cycle and its impact on nature and therefore us; the circadian rhythms and dinacharya, the ayurvedic daily routine as well my own experience and interpretations of mantra, reflection, journaling and yoga as a lifestyle that can have you functioning at your potential.

How does it work?

It is always started with the new moon, with the membership providing you with preparation, regular emails with the ‘weather report’, access to a special membership page that will take you through the meditations, breath work, journaling questions and more. You will be connected to a community with a group call each week to discuss the process or ask questions.

Once you choose the membership option you are interested in, you will receive a welcome email with some information on dates. In the days leading up to the new moon you will receive preparatory information about the dark moon, what that means and access to your membership page.

From there, you will follow along the regular emails and the uploads of meditations as we go through the 40 Days.

How do I join?

The Sadhana Membership is available here, where you will be automatically added to the group. There are a small number of Go Deep Memberships that offer a tailored Sadhana experience, where you will receive a consult and consecutive one on one sessions (in person or online) as you go through your unique experience of the 40 day process.

Any More Info?

Head to the resources page for the Sadhana Series of blog posts, delving into the components that make up a Sadhana.

The process is open to any level of practitioner or belief - you can be brand new to meditation or yoga, or very experienced.

This is a very personal and intimate process and 40 days is a long time, so the commitment is small and all optional. The practice is designed for you to build trust in yourself, to refine your vision and understanding so there is plenty of flexibility for you to make it work for you.

If you have any questions at all, please contact Phoebe below.

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